Giving Music Lessons A Unique Pastor Appreciation Gift

Music Lesson Regrets and Unique Pastor Appreciation Gifts

When it comes to a unique gift for Pastor Appreciation Day, you might consider the gift of music lessons. Many of us, when looking back on life, have what I call music lesson regrets. (In my family, somehow, as the last child of 4, the lessons stopped at child number 3.)

Music is one of the keys to effective ministry in most of our churches. There have been many times in my pastoral career when I wished I would have been given the gift of music lessons, especially when pastoring new church starts.

Recently I learned that through technological advances, taking music lessons as an adult is far easier than ever before. I would like to recommend lessons for several instruments I wished I had mastered as a pastor -- the keyboard or piano, and guitar.

Giving Music Lessons A Second Chance

Perhaps your pastor has these same regrets musically and you could enhance your pastor's musical ministry by giving music lessons as a pastor appreciation gift.

The power of music in ministry is so important and finding online music lessons can be a tremendous resource for releasing that musical power for your pastor. So here are two areas of home based musical training you might consider:

Music Lessons For Pastor's Children

By the way, to have your pastor's children avoid their own music lesson regrets later in life, these same lessons could also be shared with other family members. There are even Home School editions for these same lessons:

Fortunately for me, my wife and now my daughter, are both accomplished pianists and keyboardists. My wife even taught piano for years but I never asked to be one of her students.

Had I to do over again, and had all of the most recent technology been available, I just might have become an accomplished musician, had the above mentioned musical lessons been available.

Onward with purpose,

Chaplain Paul Slater Onward with purpose,

Chaplain Paul Slater


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