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Creative Pastor Appreciation Ideas -- Gift Cards A Last Minute Gift
October 28, 2016

Amazon Gift Cards for Pastor Appreciation

Gift Cards a Perfect Last Minute Gift

For those of us who procrastinate, gift cards are great as a last minute gift for Pastor Appreciation.

But you don't have to be a procrastinator to appreciate how easy it is to go on to Amazon, select an Amazon Gift Card, and then print it out.

And the last minute aspect of pastor appreciation is not just due to procrastinating. Our new pastor just arrived and we have one more Sunday in October. Our pastor is who is last minute!

Amazon Gift Cards Preferred by Many

In an informal poll taken in our family, Amazon Gift Cards were preferred by my wife and adult children. Not very scientific poll I know, but over the years, there is a special delight recipients have when they see the Amazon name and symbol on their card.

When you arrive at the gift card page, you will notice you can order cards for each family member! Gift Cards - Print at Home

Printed On Paper, Not Plastic

You can print these on your own printer, right at home or your office. You can insert these special Printed Gifts in an appreciation envelope or put them in one of those fancy gift bags. You could even put them in a box and wrap it in gift paper with a bow!

There will be a unique number that the appreciation gift will have on it that can be entered at checkout when an Amazon product has been selected. How easy is that!

Thanks, Pastor Appreciation Champion

Thank you for all your efforts to make Pastor Appreciation a special event for your church. Remember, there is more to what you do than just expressing gratitude to the pastor. You are demonstrating the grace of God to all of us.

Onward with purpose,

Chaplain Paul Slater

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