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By submitting what has worked for you, I want to make it possible for you to find pastor appreciation ideas. Let's make Pastor Appreciation Festivities successful pastor appreciation events throughout the world.

I am sure none of you are surprised when I say that my Pastor Appreciation Ideas Website has been a neglected internet project of mine since first launching it a few years ago.

Recently I decided to see if anyone had subscribed to my Pastor Appreciation Ideas Newsletter.

I thought perhaps a handful of Pastor Appreciation Champions may have subscribed but I was not ready for the number of you who have subscribed. Nearly 600 Pastor Appreciation Enthusiasts have indicated a desire to receive this internet epistle providing pastor appreciation information.

So forgive me for my neglect. I can come up with a few excuses but the challenge has been and will continue to be my time. OK, the truth is I get diverted by other projects that take my time away from promoting ideas to make pastor appreciation successful.

Yet I know that many of you are searching for unique ideas to make pastor appreciation a positive experience for your church.

Since time is short for Pastor Appreciation 2008, here is how I hope to fulfill your expectations for unique Pastor Appreciation Ideas. I am going to be so bold as to ask you to submit your Pastor Appreciation Event Ideas as well as Pastor Appreciation Gift Ideas.

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Making Pastor Appreciation A Month Long Event

Picture Puzzle Idea For Pastor Appreciation

Small Country Church Shows Appreciation In Big Ways

Your Invitation To Share Successful Pastor Appreciation Ideas

Here is your opportunity to Share Your Pastor Appreciation Stories:

I want to invite you to share your creative pastor appreciation ideas. Tell us how you made pastor appreciation day special. Give others searching for pastor appreciation themes how you made pastor appreciation month memorable.

Usually people like you, folk that I call Pastor Appreciation Champions, are looking for pastor appreciation ideas to make pastor appreciation day special or pastor appreciation month a memorable church event.

Sharing how your church gave encouragement to your pastor is a way to bless other churches who want to make pastor appreciation a positive event that is a powerful demonstration of God's love and grace.

By sharing your story of how you gave tribute to your pastor, you encourage other churches to honor pastors.

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I am off to a Men's Retreat for a few days but hope to find your pastor appreciation ideas, creative ideas that have been submitted by you great Pastor Appreciation Champions.

Onward and upward,

Chaplain Paul Slater