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Creative Pastor Appreciation Ideas -- Church Fundraising Using Scrip
October 04, 2013

Easy Church Fundraising Through Scrip Provides Ministry Funds

Because fund raising is a challenge for many church groups, I recently wrote an article entitled Church Fundraising Through Scrip.

Last week I attended a Church Conference Men's Retreat. I paid for it using Scrip. In a few weeks my wife will attend our church women's retreat and again, the cost of the retreat is covered by our scrip account funds.

Learn What Scrip Fundraising Is All About

As a ShopWithScrip user, our church has discovered how easy it is to earn rebates through scrip fundraising, so go to the scrip fundraising page to learn more about how your church could do this as well.

You Will Learn How Scrip Fundraising Works

The basic idea of how our scrip fundraising program raises funds for ministry, it is by selling gift cards we buy at a discount, allowing us to shop at the stores we already go to.

A percentage of the gift card amount is returned to either my family account or to whatever church ministry I want to donate to. In other words, the stores where I shop are making donations to our church through the scrip program.

For example, when my wife and I purchased a $500 gift card to Lowes where we bought a new washer and dryer, our scrip account was rewarded 7%, which was $35. (Lowe's percentage was usually 4% but that week there was a special going on at 7%.)

We were going to purchase the washer and dryer anyway but using the scrip program we were also able to fund our retreat expenses too.

Our church has chosen to allow our families to direct their scrip rewards to personal family accounts as long as the funds are used to pay for church events, such as teen camps or spiritual retreats.

Steps To Take To Start Your Scrip Program

You should know that other organizations such as schools, youth sports teams, or band/music programs also qualify for the scrip fundraising strategy, as long as your organization is a non-profit.

If you want to go directly to the Great Lakes Scrip enrollment site, click Great Lakes Scrip Program to learn more about how scrip works

If you are really eager, give them a call at 1.800.727.4715 option 5.

Do this by October 31, 2013 and get free shipping on your first order.

Onward with purpose,

Chaplain Paul Slater

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