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Creative Pastor Appreciation Ideas -- Giving a Cruise to Your Pastor
October 14, 2018

Cruise Gift to Your Pastor

Cruise Gift for Pastor Appreciation

A cruise is a great Pastor Appreciation gift! As I write this I am enjoying a cruise with my wife and several other people dear to us.

Ours is one of those re-positioning cruises where they are moving a ship from one geographic area to another. We started in Quebec City, Canada and will end our trip in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

We had considered cruises as too expensive for years. Then we were challenged to compare the actual cost of road trips counting fuel, hotels, and restaurants. Cruises were very cost effective.

Benefits of Cruise Line Travel

Most pastors, myself included, have a tough time unengaging from their ministry work. A cruise forces a busy pastor to literally "get away".

Cruising as a gift from a church to their pastor is a pastor-appreciation gift that will stand out as very special. It is a gift that says to the pastor and spouse "We truly honor you and love you!"

People respond financially to giving a cruise gift to the pastor because it is beyond the typical pastor appreciation gift.

Giving a Cruise Creates A Spirit of Generosity!

It often moves a congregation from a poverty mindset to a generous mindset. People love to be part of something beyond what might be practical or "all we can afford".

And let's face it. Having a reputation as a generous church is a good thing to be known for. You would be surprised as people come forward with airline rewards to help in the travel costs too.

Onward with Purpose,

Chaplain Paul Slater

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