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Creative Pastor Appreciation Ideas -- Pastor Appreciation 2016
October 08, 2016

Creative Pastor Appreciation 2016

New Ideas for Expressing Gratitude

Creative Pastor Appreciation 2016 is a simple reminder that creativity is called for if you will try new ideas to express your gratitude.

Yes, another month of October and another Pastor Appreciation opportunity. But does it have to be a rerun of what has been done in previous years?

Creativity for Pastor Appreciation Month

Creativity calls for uniqueness and you are certainly up for the task in that you as a Pastor Appreciation Champion was created in the image of God. Creativity is a part of being in the image of God.

Look at all the people in your church and you will notice uniqueness in each and everyone.

Avoid thinking "What did we do last year?" and get those creative juices flowing.

Coming Up With Creative Pastor Appreciation Ideas

First, tap the ideas of others in your congregation. For example, one of our churches was struggling financially and just did not have funds for anything significant, which they wanted to do.

A business man in the congregation heard from his wife how they were stymied in their committee as to what to do. He offered his airline reward points to fly our son home from college for Thanksgiving. Nearly 30 years later I am still grateful for that gift.

So go beyond the brain power of just a few and see if there is someone eager to be involved in the giving process.

Second, think of how to personalize your gift for this year, this period of the pastor's life. The above example was tailor made to a particular time and need. Anything special going on in the pastor's life? Creativity explores the possibilities and expresses itself in new ideas for the here and now.

My Prayer for You

May God bless you with creativity in your efforts to honor your pastor in Pastor Appreciation Month, 2016. Yes, you will be a better church for doing so.

And I pray it again: May those needing to see God's love in action be attracted to the love of God for them because of how you demonstrated God's grace and mercy by honoring your pastor.

Onward with purpose,

Chaplain Paul Slater

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