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Creative Pastor Appreciation Ideas -- Becoming A Published Author
August 29, 2012

Becoming A Published Author Nothing New

Becoming A Published Author A Ministry Opportunity

I love the new emphasis on writing a book that has evolved in recent days. Yet the truth is that the ministry of writing has been around since Biblical days.

My own interest in becoming published began when I was challenged by Daniel Hall to use Amazon as a publisher, using both the Kindle and CreateSpace platforms. Check out his concepts on Fast Book System.

Publishing A Book Easy Yet Challenging

Now I know that sounds contradictory yet truth be told, I often make easy tasks complicated. Perhaps you do too.

My brother-in-law recently asked if I would help get his book published. I saw this as an opportunity to launch my own writing career so agreed to do so. (I confess that I used the CreateSpace training from Fast Book System to stay one step ahead of my own writing deficiencies.

He just called to tell me his book is ready to be proofed. Now before you give all kinds of excuses as to why you could never become a published author, let me just say Larry is nearly 80 and is not the most computer literate person in the world. Yet he was willing to try and that is the key to being a published writer, understanding that a manuscript only in the mind makes no sales.

His is the story about a World War II survivor of Guadalcanal who later became a pastor. More about the specifics when we are ready to take orders on Amazon or CreateSpace.

Learning From What I Taught About Publishing

I am working on my own book now, focusing on Pastor Appreciation and will let you know when it is ready.

One of the lessons I learned when teaching my brother-in-law is that eventually you need to say "Good enough!". Trying to be perfect is second only to fear when it comes to book writing deterrents.

So my book will not be perfect, nor is any book. That does not give excuse to sloppiness but does give room for humanness.

By the way, more and more books are being written for the Kindle and other ebook readers. Writing for Kindle will be the next publishing hurdle we will cross. Fortunately, the Fast Book System also includes Kindle Publishing training.

Perhaps Your Pastor Wants To Become Published

You could launch your pastor's writing desires by ordering the aforementioned book writing system, just as I did for my missionary brother-in-law.

Writing to encourage and inspire has long been a ministry tool for pastors. Your Pastor Appreciation gift could be helping your pastor launch a writing ministry as a self-published author.

May God bless your Pastor Appreciation efforts, which may now include helping your pastor become a published writer. What a great gift to give to the pastor who wants to share the message of hope through writing.

Onward with purpose,

Chaplain Paul Slater

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