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Creative Pastor Appreciation Ideas -- Celebrate God's Call
September 18, 2023

Honor All Your Pastors in 2023

Pastor Appreciation Month provides opportunity to honor all God-called pastors who are in your congregation.

Unfortunately, in past years, we have forgotten to honor those serving in areas of ministry beyond the local church.

Remember to Honor All Those In Pastoral Ministry

In our local church there are several classifications of clergy that often forgotten when expressing Pastor Appreciation.

For example, we have several military chaplains who have made our church their local church. Yet they may be deployed throughout the world as the provide pastoral care.

We also have several college professors and administrators attending whose ministry is to our denominational university in our community.

In addition there are ordained pastors attending our services whose ministry is though parachurch organizations in our area, such as the rescue mission downtown or campus ministries at the state university nearby.

In my own ministry, after serving local churches for 30 years, I served as a health care chaplain for 10 years.

And finally, we have missionaries serving in world areas who identify our church as their home church.

Celebrate the Call of God to Ministry

As we honor our pastors, we celebrate that they have been called by God to serve the church, whether to our local congregation or serving those beyond the four walls of a building.

As you make plans to honor pastors, why not emphasize God's calling? The children and young people in your congregation need to hear testimonies from those serving God because of a clear call to ministry.

Perhaps you have retired pastor's in your congregation who would love to tell a new generation about God's call to ministry.

Honor Those Called Through Your Church

And finally, remember those whose call to ministry took place through your church.

Perhaps someone in their youth responded to the calling of God to serve on the mission field.

There could be those serving as pastors or youth pastors in other communities who first responded to serve God while attending church camp or other youth activities.

As you place your focus on God calling people to serve in ministry, may it happen again!

Onward with purpose,

Paul L. Slater

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