31 Daily Pastor Appreciation Gifts In October

by Dottie

31 Unique Pastor Appreciation Gifts

In anticipation of Pastor Appreciation Month, we pass an October calendar among the church members. Each person who wants to participate put their name on a specific day that is theirs to express appreciation to the pastor however they choose.

Creativity Reigns Each October Day

When their special day, the creativity of individual families in many different expressions of pastor appreciation.

  • an appreciation e-mail,

  • pastor appreciation cards in the mail,

  • homemade cookies, a favorite pie or a dozen donuts appear on his desk each day with an appreciation card,

  • coupons with an offer to wash his car,

  • a box of chocolates or a bag of favorite candy,

  • coupons for a homemade meal,

  • offers to take out the pastor's family for lunch or dinner,

  • Coupon books to Wendy's, Burger King, Pizza Hut, or favorite restaurant.

The only limit is each person's imagination in creatively thinking up these daily expressions to honor the pastor.

Pastor Appreciation Sunday Gift Presentation

On whatever Sunday we designate as Pastor Appreciation Sunday, our pastor and wife are presented a larger gift from the congregation, such as a certificate for a two-day get-away package.

One year it was in Amish country and included spending money to cover meals and travel expenses.

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