The Relationship Of Pastors Leaving Ministry With Lack Of Pastor Appreciation And Career Change For Pastors

Exploring Pastors Leaving Ministry With The Lack Of Pastor Appreciation

The relationship of pastors leaving ministry to a lack of pastor appreciation should be explored, especially in light of 1500 pastors quitting churches each month.

Most of us are concerned when we hear the number of pastors reportedly leaving ministry is said to be as many as 1500 per month. What would cause such a pastor exodus to take place?

I believe that lack of churches expressing pastor appreciation is a key factor in a pastor's decision to leave the ministry.

My hope is that the term pastors leaving ministry term be reframed to mean pastors expanding ministry if the decision for a pastor changing careers leads to purposeful employment whereby one can still share the love of God with hurting people.

Whether they are leaving senior pastor jobs or youth pastor jobs, the great concern for churches is that pastors are quitting their churches.

Expressing Pastor Appreciation In Light Of Pastors Leaving Ministry

I share these concerns about pastors leaving church assignments to reveal the necessity for churches to express pastor appreciation.

Why are pastors leaving ministry? I heard various reasons a pastor may feel like quitting ministry and discouragement is the most common given my pastors leaving ministry .

Why are pastors discouraged in ministry? While most Christians face discouragement, pastors feeling discouragement is more common and experienced at a deeper level than many lay people realize.

Churches need to realize pastors are under Satanic attack. When criticism of pastors and the sin of griping and grumbling is added, often by well meaning church leaders, the discouraged pastor will often decide to leave ministry, if nothing more, to experience heartfelt appreciation.

(As a professional chaplain, I personally have felt much more appreciated for my ministry efforts by secular employers than I did by some of the churches I served).

Replace Criticism Of The Pastor With Words Of Encouragement To The Pastor

Pastor appreciation champions understand how encouraging is to the discouraged pastor when words of encouragement to the pastor replace criticism of the pastor.

If you are wondering how to express words of encouragement, explore the pastor appreciation ideas both here and on other websites with a pastor appreciation theme.

I plan to write articles on the various reasons for pastors leaving ministry as this website expands. Let me say for now that churches wanting to express pastor appreciation should be aware of the financial pressures facing pastors.

I can remember that some in my life thought I was leaving ministry when in reality, I was just expanding my ministry career options.

I have discovered that there are pastor employment opportunities outside local churches that are very fulfilling and have resulted in expanded ministry for me, a ministry far beyond what I could have imagined when, as some saw it, I left the ministry.

Now it may be that the person said to have left ministry is no longer in a pastoral position to a local church, but many pastors changing careers, enjoy some of the most rewarding days of ministry in their new career.