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Combining The Pastor Appreciation Theme With Pastor Appreciation Month

I have chosen the Pastor Appreciation Theme with a focus on Pastor Appreciation Month as the focus for this internet ministry website for several reasons.

First of all, by using pastor appreciation content, I can share a positive spiritual message tapping into the wonderful world of the internet to declare a much needed message.

There is much more to celebrating pastor appreciation month and suggesting pastor appreciation gift ideas within a pastor appreciation focused website.

You will discover that my concept of pastor appreciation involves much more than focusing on pastor appreciation day, or highlighting pastor appreciation poems, or even sharing pastor appreciation gift ideas.

Consider The Evangelism Of The Pastor Appreciation Message

Pastor appreciation efforts become the backdrop to show that your church is a healthy congregation that believes in God's grace and mercy.

Expressing pastor appreciation is one of the best methods of evangelism a church can use to demonstrate the health of your church to your community.

Just look at all of the positive messages pastor appreciation declares. I am sure my brief list of evangelical messages in pastor appreciation theme will prompt many more from you.

By focusing upon pastor appreciation, we declare the message of grace and mercy, becoming a living example of God's love to us.

The pastor appreciation message reveals the redemptive story of Gods love to sinners like you and me. If God can love us sinners, with all of our faults and disobedience, a church, made up of forgiven fallen folk, can love a pastor with weaknesses and human frailties, and by doing so, declare the wonderful story of God's forgiving grace.

The Theme Of Pastor Appreciation Reveals Belief In A God-Called Ministry

Through its pastor appreciation day celebrations and giving pastor appreciation gifts, a church provides the setting for another major ministry theme -- belief in a God-called ministry.

By expressing love and kindness through pastor appreciation activities, the healthy church gives people a reason to consider pastoral ministry as a ministry career option.

The pastor appreciation theme promotes the position of pastor as well as the person who is pastor.

Families who desire to see their children respond to the call of God to ministry will do all they can to lift up their pastor, seeing pastor appreciation encouragement as a way to help their children consider serving God in a full time ministry as something positive to do for God.

A church that sees few of their children and youth responding to the ministry call of God would do well to examine if that response could be achieved through doing more with the pastor appreciation theme.

A Prayer With A Pastor Appreciation Theme

May your efforts to develop the pastor appreciation theme, including your pastor appreciation month festivities and pastor appreciation gift ideas, declare a message of God's grace and mercy to your community.

And may this pastor appreciation theme result in your church producing those who are called to serve God in ministry careers, simply because their church honored their pastor when they were seeking God's will and purpose for their life.