Candle Lighting Theme For Pastor Appreciation

by Eileen Sivak
(Lutz, FL)

Candles Purchased For Candle Lighting Event

Have plenty of special candles for this Candlelight Service.

There are candle-lighting service kits that include all the supplies needed.

Make sure safety precautions are followed when using candles and open flames. Some communities do not allow candlelighting events so check with local authorities regarding whether this is true in your area.

1st Week in October

We had our Preacher and his wife sit in the front of the church facility and gave him a candle that was lit.

We darkened the room moderately so we could still see to walk to the front. We announced that the preacher's light for Jesus had touched many people in our church.

We then invited anyone that had been spiritually blessed by our pastor to take a candle and light it off of his. His wife went first, then his children. Then row by row the congregation light their candle off of the pastor's candle.

When the last person lit their candle the lights in the church were turned off and it was illuminated only by the candles.

We then sang "Thank You" by Ray Boltz. A dinner at the home of a deacon followed the church service, with all the Leaders & wives of the church attending also.

2nd week in October

Preacher was on vacation, and while he was away the youth leaders went to his home and mowed his lawn, and the kids placed placards in his yard with sayings declaring her appreciation.

3rd Week in October

We had church members send pastor appreciation cards to him with special messages of appreciation and gratitude for his ministry.

4th Week in October

We had dinner on the grounds in his honor, and we presented him with a memory scrap book in which all members who wanted to wrote a personal message and included a picture. We also gave him a money tree with cash and gift cards to various restaurants and stores.

Our preacher said that we did enough for at least 5 years. He still cannot talk about the candle ceremony with out tearing up.


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